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captive. the man who neighbors identify as 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes has been held up in an underground shelter since tuesday. police say he is holding a five- year-old boy that he snatched from a school bus after shooting and killing the driver. >> they stopped the bus and mr. dyke stepped on the bus and demanded a couple children around 6 to 8 years old. as we heard the little boy fainted. >> negotiators have been talking with dyke through a pvc pipe. they are passing food and medicine to the boy. >>> an old problem for san jose. graffiti has gotten much worse and with the recent police department cuts, some fear the tagging is only escalating. taggers covered a railroad overpass and sound walls on both sides of highway 101. it's not only along the freeways. but in neighborhoods as well. now the city is fighting back. >> so the minute they throw it up, we want to get on top of it. there is that psychological angle. not leaving it up so people reaps rewards. >> police spokesman says budget problems forced the department to eliminate the graffiti task force. two officers ran intelli
to philadelphia. >>> in allan hoshida, a hostage standoff is now in its fifth day. a 60-year-old man, jimmy lee dykes shot and killed a bus driver tuesday and kidnapped a 5-year-old passenger. police are in constant contact with the man holding the child in hostage in an under ground bunker. >>> a stanford's professor's opinion has angered many in the bay area. it has to do the group's tendency to eat meet. >>reporter: at the san jose festival, revellers are gearing up for the vietnamese new year, which starts next week. it is a very important holiday. >> it's time to celebrate the vietnamese culture. >>reporter: as the new year holidays approach, an opinion column written by a stanford professor is drawing criticism. in the column, he writes that the vietnamese people and aggressive and most wild and domesticated animals in the country have been eaten. >> nobody argues that they eat dogs. a saw a truck pulling up down the road, full of cages with dog heading to -- i don't know want to guess where they were going. >>reporter: he says he brother the column based on personal observations during a
anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. fourth day. lee dykes is >>> a standoff holding a five- year-old boy captive is in his fourth day. 65-year-old jimmy lee is holding the boy hostage in an under ground bunker. police are sending food, medication, and coloring books to the boy through a ventilation pipe. >> get the little boy out safe and then as far as the shooter, i hate to say this, i don't care what happens to him because he caused so much trouble here. >> police say dykes kidnapped the boy after killing the driver of the boy's school bus. the boy suffers from a disorder similar to autism. >>> an oakland woman could face charges for lying about an abduction. she called police overnight saying her husband beat her up and then kidnapped their one- year-old daughter. that prompted a state-wide, four-houramber alert this morning. as soon as police realized there was no child and kidnapping, they canceled that. >>> the amber alert system is expanding. alerts are going out to millions of cell phones and most customers are shocked to learn that their phones ha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3